The installation process begins after the sub base work is complete and inspected to insure it meets FieldTurf’s standards.

International Sport Surfaces, Inc. schedules the delivery of materials to coincide with the completion of the sub base phase.

All materials are inspected for quality control and to insure they meet the specs and drawings for each project. Material delivery includes:

  • Turf
  • Rubber
  • Sand

Crews and equipment will arrive on site according to the schedule. We hold pre-work crew meetings to review specifications, safety procedures and all field specific details such as center and end zone logos, hash marks, and numbers.

Installers map out critical starting and ending points and all panel locations prior to starting the installation. Turf is then unrolled and assembled on the field. There is an inspection at every phase to insure accuracy.

Our experts are trained by FieldTurf and are members of the Chicago Carpenter’s Union. Every crew follows the methodical FieldTurf patented process of sewing, gluing, and infilling the turf.

This is followed by trimming and curb attachment.

The final stages of installation include a review of the standard maintenance, certificate of completion, and site clean-up.