As your authorized FieldTurf® installer in the Chicagoland and surrounding area, ISS takes as much pride in your field as you do.

A properly maintained field will last longer, play better, and cosmetically look better than those not maintained per the manufacturer’s specifications. We want to help you maximize the life of your field with the proper techniques.

As with any major investment, maintenance is critical to the life of an artificial turf field. International Sport Surfaces insures that owners have a complete understanding of the key steps to maintaining their investment. We do this in tandem with FieldTurf® and they have identified specific steps and developed superior products and equipment to use for long-lasting performance.

ISS provides a maintenance training session, FieldTurf operation manual and maintenance informational disk upon the completion of each installation.

International Sports Surfaces is the certified maintenance provider for FieldTurf®. Maintaining an artificial surface does not require a lot of work, but it does require that trained and qualified professionals perform the field service.

In addition to standard grooming there are times when your field may benefit from a professional deep cleaning and decompaction service. ISS offers a SportChamp full-day service session for this purpose. The SportChamp equipment is designed specifically for artificial turf.

There are different levels of service to meet your needs and budget. Let us assist you with a FieldTurf® maintenance quote customized to your specific requirements.

The benefits to a customized maintenance program include:

  • Complete field inspections and regular maintenance can extend the life of your investment
  • Proper maintenance can keep your field looking and playing its best
  • Notification on any issues before they potentially become a problem